How we decide

I love thrifting. You may have gathered that. I experience flow while thrifting – it is the perfect combination of stimulation, decision-making, analysis, and excitement for my kind of brain. According to some books I’ve read, expertise is a function of experience. Applying that to thrifting, my ability to quickly pass through racks of clothes and […]


Three pink shirts

Pink has suddenly become much more appealing. There is a reason older women turn to pastels, what can I tell you? I decided to start looking for pink shirts. This is what I came up with after some careful combing during my rounds at the second hand shops: Tops worn with Kut from the Kloth […]


On Hats

I wear a hat every day. Through the wonders of poorly focused photography you can’t easily see this, but I have all sorts of hyper-pigmentation and other signs of aging as befits a middle aged woman living in a sunny country.