Grey hair


Because second hand shopping online involves finding an exact piece that meets your criteria rather than ordering a few sizes of the same item, it is especially helpful to think in terms of proportions. Proportions are how much you see of one thing in relation to another. Look for the proportion you want and scale […]


Walking around grey

I have been asked what it is like living with grey hair. I am not really sure what to say. I do not have workplace issues; all my freelance work has come through word of mouth or been completely anonymous through the internet.  When I am out and about I am almost always wearing a hat, […]


On going grey

My high school education was not exactly the academic highlight of my life but I did learn at least two important things there.  Although driving seemed more urgent then, typing has turned out to be just as critical. I am a pretty fast typist by now. And when I describe my hair color I type […]