I like to read. Here are some books I recommend and why.

Style, Fashion and Thrifting

You Look Fab This is a website not a book, but I will make an exception and put it here because if you put together all the posts here you will get an up to date encyclopedia of style applicable to actual people with plentiful discussion of fashion too. I am indebted to Angie Cox for not just learning about clothes and style but teaching me to speak on the internet.

Kendall Farr’s The Pocket Stylist. Even before I found You Look Fab, this book began to separate the wheat from the chaff for me. The first time I read about skimming fit I knew I had something to learn.

The Triumph of Individual Style. This book is a masterpiece. Chapter by chapter the author uses artwork to illustrate the principles of flattery, emphasis and much more. As much an art book as a style book.

Second Hand Chic. The joy of thrifting for me is enhanced by the ability to analyze clothing construction and recognize quality despite the strange, missing or vintage label. Check ebay for this out of print gem.

How we think

I enjoy thinking about thrifting as much as doing it. One aspect that has been illuminated for me through reading is the decision making process. These are some of the best I have read in this category.

Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow. The mother of all such books, and many of the experiments cited in them. I see the world differently after reading this book.

Predictably Irrational. Truthfully, I love books on how much we don’t understand about ourselves and have read and enjoyed a lot of them. This one stands out for easy reading that packs a punch.

Quiet. The manifesto for all introverts. Please read if you are an introvert or know one. It is not a disease


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