Second hand vintage Louis Feraud sweater, second hand Miu Miu bag.

Hi I’m Jaime.

Do you love thrift shops? Are you interested in how to build a more sustainable green closet? Are you looking for more creative ways to dress? Would you like to see how someone not tall and not young and not rich has fun with clothes? You have come to the right place – here to fill the 50+, 5’3″, second hand store fanatic niche no one knew was empty!

I started going to thrift stores more than thirty years ago when I was in college. My love of the thrift re-ignited after my twin daughters turned 2 and my need to reassert myself awakened (possibly related to my finally getting some sleep). I was quickly priced out of the looks I wanted to wear but rediscovered my old love of hunting in thrift stores. After many years of dedicated thrifting, including working two years in a charity shop sorting inventory, I have gathered a lot of information and a lot of fabulous clothes. If you are interested in second hand shopping, style and a bit of grey hair I hope you will find something interesting here.



From left to right: vintage Chanel, Y-3, Hogan’s, Converse. All purchased second hand


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