Fashion Week and the Second Hand Shopper

New York fashion week has just finished and the next month or so will be a designer bonanza of shows from London, Milan and Paris.

But what does this, if anything, have to do with second hand shopping? Aren’t fashion shows about the future of fashion and second hand shopping about the past? Do the concoctions and confections sent down the runway really relate to what anyone (not in the fashion industry) wears every day?

Although runway shows are by definition fashion forward – advertising what is coming up for a season still half a year away – as a fashion hobbyist I thoroughly enjoy combing the shows for hints of trends to come and priming my mind to seek things that reflect these trends while thrifting.

For example, a couple of years ago Balenciaga came out with striped bags:


I might have been attracted to the vintage striped bag I am wearing above in any case, but I was certainly influenced by seeing these striped bags on the runway.

Please visit my pinterest board for my frequently updated Fashion Week pins.


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