Pros and cons of shopping second hand online

Online shopping has exploded over the past ten years and this includes the second hand market. It is now possible to buy from sites such as ThredUp, The RealReal, Poshmark, the Vestiarre Collective and search by size, color or designer -making online second hand shopping more similar to online retail shopping than ever.

Pros The biggest pro to shopping second hand online is the ability to target your search and find a multitude of options within a particular category.

And because you need to search online and have many more options you can be more careful about planning your purchases and make more thoughtful decisions.

Cons The biggest con to online second hand shopping is the inconsistency of sizing across brands and time periods.

Some people enjoy buying items recommended by your favorite influencer, blogger or other shopping guide, which is not usually possible with second hand items. You need to think a bit more creatively to find some that approximates the look you want.

The key to online shopping is the ability to return.

If you are new to buying second hand, or shopping online, I particularly suggest you will only buy online where they give measurements and offer returns. It may occasionally be worth the risk to order something that can’t be returned if you have a pretty clear idea you want it, but, as with most things, this takes some practice.

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