Phoebe Philo’s Shoes

More about who’s shoes – this time the Celine edition. Followers of fashion probably know that Phoebe Philo, one of the most influential designers of the last 10 years, is leaving Celine. Rather than muse on what this means for the future of fashion or Celine in particular, or whether anyone can fill her shoes (with all do respect to Hedi Slimane who has been named Celine’s new design director), I would rather pay homage to the shoes Phoebe Philo designed for Celine. She reintroduced and modified such traditional designs as the v cut pumps, ballet shoes, woven shoes, cowboy boots and babouche flats and more. If I could have a set of shoes from only one designer I would choose hers. Alas I cannot afford them, even second hand, but they have inspired many a thrift buy:



You may not have heard of Phoebe Philo, or Celine but you have seen echos of her shoes almost everywhere.



Would you buy second hand shoes?

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