But what about?

These are some of the common concerns I have heard about second hand clothing and my response to them.

Pre-owned clothing is creepy/dirty/yucky. If you are firmly in this camp, I do not feel I can dissuade you, but consider that most clothes sold at retail are coated with a layer of chemicals meant to preserve them through the distribution process. Clean second hand clothes can actually be seen as healthier.

Pre-owned clothes will wear out faster. On the contrary, in my experience pre-owned clothing has already proven its durability through the wash cycle and possible wear. It is easy to make an unworn piece of clothing pristine; much more difficult once it is worn and washed. If it is still looking by time it reaches the second hand market, chances are it will remain looking good in your wardrobe.

There is nothing is my size, my taste, my style and it all looks out of date.  While, it is

Stripes are in!
Vintage Louis Feraud pullover, second hand Miu Miu bag. My contribution to the striped sweater trend!

true that second hand clothing does not come in a selection of colors and sizes. This can be seen as an advantage to those overwhelmed by the sheer vastness of what is available. Now that second hand shopping is available through outlets like Ebay, TheRealReal, Poshmark and many others, it is easy to search for exactly what you want.

For me the pros easily outweigh the cons – what do you think?


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