Why shop second hand?

There are a few reasons I am attracted to second hand shopping.

Second hand is a more green alternative. Instead of supporting the explosion of clothing production that is causing huge environmental problems, second hand shopping is all about recycling and reusing.

Second hand is cheaper – A barely worn designer item at a consignment shop can be bought for the cost of a brand new item at the mall.

Second hand is more interesting and creative – To be honest, the above two reasons are important to me, but the emotional reason I love second hand shopping is it is a source of creativity and expression. Searching through a thrift store puts me right in the flow, and finding a good piece is always a dopamine moment.

Do these reasons appeal to you? Over the course of the next few weeks I will be posting more about second hand shopping for beginners.

(Above I am wearing one of my more “creative” outfits – a mash up of vintage and more recent designer clothing, all purchased second hand: vintage Optisol sunglasses, vintage Celine jacket, Isabel Marant top, Prada skirt, Marni handbag, Fendi boots.)

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