Glossary part three – topical terms

Fashion forward – Refers to wearing trends before they hit mainstream awareness. I think this is mostly relevant for people who follow fashion and enjoy anticipating trends – or taking inspiration from fashion bloggers and influencers (see below).

Fast fashion – Refers to both the speed of production and the churn in your closet. Zara drops new clothing in its stores TWICE a week. That is fast.

Trends – It has been argued that trends are now subsumed by individual style, but I don’t really buy that. There is always a marketing advantage to switching consumers’ attention from stripes to dots, from simpler to more elaborate, or from grey to brown. There are a lot of ways of thinking about trends, and I will be sharing some my thoughts in future posts.

Influencer – Where there were once spokespeople and celebrities, there are now influencers. Influencers attract followers and promote products – mostly on Instagram right now, although YouTube is big too.

Style vs. Fashion Another big can of beans, but, in short, fashion is the stuff you wear and style is how you wear it. Retake Style is about both.

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