Personal style and the Internet – herd mentality or chance to be heard

What do I mean by retake style? When personal blogging and outfit of the day blogs first became popular, it seemed that personal style had never been stronger. Runway shows that used to be exclusively open to a small set of privileged people are now open to everyone with an internet connection. We can buy clothes from all over the world and from every quality and price point. But an interesting thing is happening – the more choice there is, the more tempting it seems to buy what is most popular, best selling, most featured on instagram/celebrities/influencers. And of course the marketers of clothing, quite understandably, encourage this groupthink.

Buying second hand clothing can be frustrating because there is (usually) just one of each item. One size, it may not fit. One item, someone may beat you to it. But when you find the right piece it is all about you.

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