The case of the culottes with the unknown label

culottes outfit
All second hand: top PianuraStudio, culottes Green Almond, shoes Daniella Lehavi

One thing I enjoy about thrifting is the chance to try out trendy things that I don’t want to spend a lot of money on. Now there is a danger to this as the version of mom jeans you will find in the thrift store are probably not going to win you any fashion prizes. Nonetheless, sometimes it works out. For example culottes. Since I know culottes are in right now (see here and here), and they appeal to my style sensibilities, I have been keeping an eye out for them. First I tried to shorten a pair of wide pants, but that did not work out so well. (I would show you but they are already at the consignment shop.) Then I stumbled upon these. These culottes do have a label but no fabric content or other information whatsoever! I have never heard of Green Almond and neither has Google from what I could tell. Furthermore, the label does not look particularly modern. Nonetheless, I thought they had the general shape of the culottes I had seen and they seem to be worth the price of a cup of coffee. (And I like my coffee black with no frothy additions.) I may shorten them a bit, but meanwhile I am delighted to have gotten culottes out of my system and into my closet! Do you depend on labels when you shop (thrifting or retail)? Would you buy something without knowing the fabric content or brand name?


  1. Hana

    I did not know culottes are in. Good for you! And no, if there is no label for fabric and I suspect rayon content, I don’t buy it. Rayon doesn’t breathe enough and I always feel not in it on a hot day. I imagine rayon would suck in a warm climate.

  2. Ladywone

    Now, I know these are on trend I have seen them on many street style sites I go to. You seem to alway be ahead of the game. I like them at the length the are now. To answer your question yes/no it just depends on if I like and can fit the garment.

    You are doing a great job on the blog by the way keep it up I will be here.

  3. Deborah

    Fab Culottes! Love the length and the fit on you. I do buy if there are no fabric details on the label but it does depend on for and how the fabric feels to me:)

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