Revitalized clothes in a revitalized village

I always get a little thrill realizing that my entire outfit is second-hand. A few days ago my husband suggested we go out on a morning outing while the kids were in school.

Sarona Tel Aviv
Ronen Chen top (thrifted), True Religion jeans (thrifted), Shani Bar shoes (second-hand), Christian Lacroix bag (thrifted), H&M hat

We drove to Tel Aviv to check out the newly renovated Sarona area. The Sarona Complex is a project of the city of Tel Aviv to revitalize an old German Templar village that sits pretty much in the center of the city. It is still a work in progress but quite a few stores and restaurants have opened. It was very hot that day and after a quick walk around we met my brother-in-law for brunch, but my husband did humor me with a photo shoot.

Sarona Complex, Tel Aviv
Restored German Templar houses in Sarona, Tel Aviv

What better for a village brought back to life than second-hand clothes? I wore two second-hand pieces by Israeli designers. The top is by Ronen Chen. Ronen Chen is a relatively well-known Israeli designer. I have been very lucky thrifting Ronen Chen pieces and have kept a few in my closet. This top is great because the drapey part is perfect for my mid-section and I love the angles of the hem.

My bright yellow shoes are second-hand by Israeli designer Shani Bar. I am happy to say that not only are they a fun color but they are comfortable after a day of walking. Normally I wear flats for walking. Even low heels can bother me after a while, but I was comfortable wearing these all morning.

I am still a proud American, and was happy to add my made in the U.S.A. thrifted True Religion jeans shorts. My last thrifted item is a Christian Lacroix Bazar bag. It is not easy to thrift good bags, but apparently this one was overlooked because it is cloth not leather. I don’t understand – am I the only thrifter that watched Absolutely Fabulous?

Ronen Chen top (thrifted), True Religion jeans (thrifted), Shani Bar shoes (second hand), Christian Lacroix bag (thrifted), H&M hat
Sitting on the bench in the Sarona Park in Tel Aviv.

Linking for the first time to Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style. Thank you Patti for inspiring me to make myself visible!


  1. Deborah

    LOL,… I love Absolutely Fabulous! It’s “Lacroix daaahling, Lacroix”. Wonderful outfit. The top is gorgeous and prefect for those of us with ‘mummy’ tummies:)

  2. Lisa@Dreamz~n~Wishz

    I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a top quite like that one, but I like it a lot. I’m an avid thrifter too. I really need to take a 20 yr hiatus as you did though because my closets are about to explode. haha

    1. Jaime

      Thanks Patti! I have been following Visible Monday almost since it started – about time I showed up. (And I see I misspelled your name. I am so sorry and I’m fixing it – I hate that myself!)

  3. jangrahammcmillen

    Looks like you have some fabulous pickings there, and you look beautiful in these pieces … casual, graceful, happy! Lovely to meet you, Jaime. Will look forward to what you have to share with us all!

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