Three pink shirts

Pink has suddenly become much more appealing. There is a reason older women turn to pastels, what can I tell you?

I decided to start looking for pink shirts.

This is what I came up with after some careful combing during my rounds at the second hand shops:

3pinkTops worn with Kut from the Kloth white jeans (ebay) and Zara slip-on sneakers

Originally I wanted to blog about the first two shirts here. Number one is a local designer, not a particular favorite. Number two is Marni. You know how I feel about Marni. Nonetheless, I had to admit to myself that I would be much more likely to wear the first one – perhaps with better foundation garmets. The Marni top seems too fussy with the tie and the slanted neckline, the cut seems a bit maternity and the “waist” seems to emphasize my lack thereof. Lesson learned (again): designer does not mean flattering.

But then I came upon #3. And, to tell the truth, I like it best.*


* Miu Miu is a Prada brand. Miuccia Prada took over the Prada brand in 1978 and started the Miu Miu label in 1994. Miu Miu (Ms. Prada’s nickname) is a separate line from Prada but similarly priced (and pricey), with a more playful look than the more traditional Prada line. I paid less than $20 for this top at a consignment shop.

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