On Hats

I wear a hat every day. Through the wonders of poorly focused photography you can’t easily see this, but I have all sorts of hyper-pigmentation and other signs of aging as befits a middle aged woman living in a sunny country.

Jerusalem – Eric Javitz hat (second hand), Gap denim jacket (thrifted), Black jeans (thrifted), Hogan sneakers (thrifted)

The funny thing is that I get more compliments on my hats than any other article of clothing I wear.  Shop keepers, fruit sellers, random passerbys have told me I have a beautiful hat. Women tend to be both more chatty and more self-deprecating – following up their hat compliments with comments about how they cannot wear hats.

Bear in mind that wearing a head covering where I live is fraught with meaning. Certain religious groups have strictly or not so strictly defined expectations for “modest”, which includes various degrees of hair covering for women. There are your snood wearers, your wig wearers, your scarf wearers, and, yes, your hat wearers. I can’t help but wonder if the sight of me and my hats juxtaposed with the rest of my outfit, which probably does not abide by the rules of modesty, is so refreshing and different that the public feels compelled to express a long suppressed desire for a good hat.


Whiteley hat and two Mitzi of London hats thrifted on one lucky day

hatscollage_tnZara hat, vintage blue coat (thrifted), Columbia sportswear hat, Funktional top, black shorts (thrifted), Daniella Lehavi shoes (second hand), Emidio Tucci red bag (second hand)



  1. Vildy

    I love hats, too and particularly love you in your hats! I can wear a trilby around here without comment but if I go for more hat than that I am likely to elicit a good-natured comment from a passing jovial fellow like, “You’ve got the wrong day!” That is, it’s not Sunday, there being a strong tradition still for Sunday church hats among Black women.

    A friend of mine, a tall beautiful woman, who is a retired teaching assistant is also a pastor. She strictly observes rules of modesty. Always a quite long skirt, never any pants even for exercise class, and a hat at all times that she is leaving the house.

  2. Jaime

    Thanks Vildy! It’s interesting how the rules of modesty overlap and include hats in a lot of cultures. I think everyone should wear hats for sun protection, keeping warm in the winter and dry in the rain and I am glad I am not alone.

  3. ladywone

    Ok just had to comment on your lovely head gear. I am a big fan of head covering. Year round. I have a growing collection and at first people said the same thing to me as Vildly. But, the thing I find about people it that the will get used to you and the church comments will stop. Besides I am an introvert and my head coverings have sparked all kinda of conversation.

    P.S. I enjoy your writing style.

  4. Anna

    I love hats. But it is hard to find hats for my big ol’ noggin. Eric Javits and Eugenia Kim I adore, but they are too small. Clothes come in sizes, hats should too!

    1. Jaime

      Anna look at European hats- I am not sure of the range but they definitely have sizes. Also weirdly H&M hats come in M and L and there is a difference. Agree absolutely that Eric Javits and Eugenia Kim should catch on!

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